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Take Storytelling To A New Level

We've designed comprehensive programs and services that reveal insider secrets to writing and producing your award-winning film even if you've never written a screenplay before!

Unlock Your Creativity

Discover the secrets to tap into your creative genius and write screenplays you love faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Find Your Community

Connect with other screenwriters of all levels and develop a writing practice that helps you script your success on your own terms.

Elevate Your Skills

Master storytelling skills and develop the consistency that transforms your writing hobby into a paid screenwriting career. 

 Kick Start Your Screenwriting Career

With programs and services designed to help you Script Your SuccessTM

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Screenwriting Academy

Learn to develop your screenplay from start to finish with our with self-paced courses that help you go from concept to completion with ease and confidence.

Script Coverage

Elevate your screenplay with professional notes, coverage and coaching that gives you thorough feedbck and an action plan to take your draft to a new level.

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Private Coaching

You'll get exclusive One-on-One guidance through screenplay development training that helps you develop your writing practice, write your screenplay and establish the successful career you've always dreamed of.

Client Success


"Pleased to announce that my fiction podcast won Best Black Fiction Podcast today. Shout out to Miranda Bowden Parker and Eunice Shelley for coming on board this project"

Taccara Martin
Creator, Unmasked Podcast

"When I first came to Eunice, I was totally novice. Her insight, course structure and streamlined process helped me go from a crazy idea to an actual pilot episode of a seven-part series which is currently in pre-production.  The WordSmith Writer’s Lab is an amazing network of writers and Eunice is also an insightful, dynamic writer who is committed to excellence in story and course delivery.

I’d definitely encourage you to invest in yourself and your story by working with Eunice."

Writer, Producer

"Eunice is amazing, creative, raw, direct and very passionate. She’s thought-provoking and that is essential to creativity. She helps pull things out of you that you may not have paid attention to. Her screenwriting courses are super DOPE.  She is there to work directly with you and gives you exercises that help you create authentic stories from the heart."

M. Viz Wiley
Writer, Cinematographer

"Eunice’s energy fills the room and I knew I had to work with her. I joined her course and she gave me all the tools and techniques to write my script - I had never written a script before - and she actually encouraged me and helped me pull at the creativity I didn’t know existed."

Ta'She'Ana Banks
Award-winning Author

Screenplay Development Blueprint

A 10 page guide that gives you my PROVEN step-by-step process and the tools you need to get clear on your story concept so you can write your screenplay and experience the successful career you've been dreaming of.

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