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About us

Where a Dream Deferred Becomes

A Dream Comes True

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Our story

The WordSmith Writer's Lab is a boutique screenwriting education, script consulting and production firm focused on providing a comprehensive suite of courses and personalized consultation services to both new and established screenwriters to help them transform their writing hobby into a successful career.

How we deliver

Our mission is to help writers achieve their creative and professional goals by providing world-class educational experiences, programs, and resources that light the road to success

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Our history

The WordSmith Writer's Lab was founded in 2017 by Eunice Shelley after she grew tired of the books, courses and blogs that did not answer her questions about how to start and complete a screenplay.  As a multi-faceted creative tech entrepreneur, producer and screenwriter,   she developed the answer to that question and now shares her wisdom through programs such as Flip The Script Filmmaking Fellowship™ and the Script Your Success Podcast.

Our team

Small, but mighty, we consistently delivery quality and excellence


Eunice N. Shelley

CEO and Founder

Tech entrepreneur, screenwriter, producer and creator of our flagship, PWRRTM Framework that helps our students become successful screenwriters.


Sylus Green

Production Management

Award-winning cinematographer and entrepreneur and manager of film production curriculum for the WSWL Team.

Robin Jemiah

Robin Smith

Marketing Consultant

In addition to running her own successful firms, Robin lends her marketing and branding expertise to the WSWL team.

Our culture

At The WordSmith Writer's Lab, we lead with integrity and operate with the spirit of excellence. We aim to foster an environment that welcomes creativity and values diverse perspectives.  Respect for each other, our mission and the work is a non-negotiable element of everything we do. We work together to cultivate an enjoyable, productive environent where all team members and clients can thrive as they learn, grow and contribute to the wider film industry and specifically, the independent film production ecosystem.