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We begin with a brief discussion to become better acquainted with each other. Once we  understand you, your goals, and the screenplay you've worked so hard to develop, we provide  feedback and insight tailored to your writing style, career aspirations and the goals of your project.

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We partner with you to ensure we understand you and your screenplay then thoroughly review your script, focusing only on actionable recommendations that help you hone your writing voice, create a compelling story, hook producers, and master your writing craft.  

Trusted Expert Analysis

Unlock your next level of writing genius with analysis from a professional screenwriter and producer who understands where you are. We personally deliver insight on how to turn your draft into a visual storytelling masterpiece that aligns with industry standards; then we show you how to master essentials of story and script mechanics for your current project and future screenplays.

Comprehensive Notes & Coaching

Know EXACTLY where your script has opportunities for update with in-line script notes that evaluate the inner mechanics of story, character, plot, and the visual motif of your screenplay, then guide you through your personalized Script Revision Strategy so you can turn your draft into a career-boosting masterpiece.

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Fast-track Your Success

Our detailed, actionable script analysis report helps you improve your script faster, hook more producers, and improve your story--FAST! We summarize the strengths and opportunities of your project based on industry writing standards, and storytelling essentials, so you are prepared to get the most out of every scene in your screenplay.

Refine Your Story

Get your personalized, actionable, specific revision strategy packed with targeted recommendations that not only help you improve your draft screenplay, but also step you through how to improve your writing process so you become a stronger, more polished writer, ready to kick-start your screenwriting career.

Write With Confidence

Your script coverage includes a private 90-minute, 1:1 session where you are guided through your in-line script notes and analysis report so you understand your current project, next steps and your personalized recommendations that equip you to approach your writing with a renewed mindset of empowering confidence.

Transform Your Story With Confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

Make the RIGHT Choice for Your Script and Screenwriting Career

We know how important it is to work with readers who understand you and your story that's why at The WordSmith Writer's Lab, your script is personally reviewed by our master storyteller and producer, Eunice Smith-Shelley. 

Absolutely! We take extra care to protect your intellectual property. And because your script is never passed around, you can rest assured your ideas won't slip into the wrong hands.

Our script coverage services pair comprehensive reports with private coaching to ensure you gain a deeper understanding of writing principles and feel empowered to improve your script in a way that aligns with your writing voice.

We prepare you for success from the start with our no-haggle model designed to keep you in comfortable control of the process from start to finish. You'll receive easy to understand script notes that help you improve your screenplay, a comprehensive report based on industry standards, and 1:1 coaching so you can write with comfort and ease.

In a traditional sense, the term “coverage” refers to a report typically written by a script analyst at a studio or production company intended to help executives choose scripts with ease. Notes are the feedback provided to writers to help you improve your script.

At The WordSmith Writer's Lab, we combine script notes and coverage with coaching services to give you comprehensive services that equip you to elevate your story and jumpstart a successful screenwriting career.

When you sign up for concierge script notes, coverage and coaching, we reserve your 1:1 coaching session to take place within 7-10 days.  During that session, you receive all reports, in-line notes and a recorded video you can review at your leisure.

Our straight forward 7-step process makes it easy to choose The WordSmith Writer's Lab as your script coverage partner.

  1. Book your discovery call
  2. Receive service quote based on your project
  3. Receive access to your story asset folder (you upload your documents here)
  4. Schedule your 1:1 coaching session
  5. Your script is reviewed, reports are prepared
  6. Attend your coaching session
  7. Access your reports and a video recording of your session for reference as you edit your script

We believe script feedback should leave you feeling empowered so we designed our proprietery Script Revision StrategyTM, that includes practical tips for addressing every in-line note you receive, then it outlines your next steps so you know what's working, as well as the areas of your story that need your attention.

but don't take our word for it...Hear from our other successful clients


Dr. Venus Opal Reesee
The Hot Mess Millionaire

Jo'Siah S.


Lesley Martinez

Eunice Smith-Shelley Master Storyteller & Script Consultant

Eunice Shelley is a multi-faceted award-winning Executive Producer, Screenwriter and creative tech entrepreneur responsible for the vision, programming and execution of Flip The Script Filmmaking Fellowship™ and The WordSmith Writer’s Lab™ home of the Script Your Success podcast and The WordSmith Screenwriting Academy™ that teaches screenwriters the art and business of developing marketable screenplays that lead to career opportunities. 

Eunice is lovingly referred to as "the script whisperer" by her clients because she decodes complex screenwriting elements into easy to execute steps that simplifies the writing process and empowers writers to build successful careers using their writing gift. 

Her clients have gone on to win competitive fellowships, produce films, and obtian production funding and sign with Hollywood representation. She has produced multiple award-winning films and an award-winning scripted podcast.

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